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North Ayrshire Council Planning Application 13/00708/PP


NAC have submitted a planning application to improve the Sports facilities in the Glen including Three Tennis courts, Two football pitches and resurfacing the existing BMX track.   For more information go to the Council website at www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk  and click on Planning, then insert number 13/00708/PP


There are also plans for the future including adding a carpark and upgrading the changing pavilion.


The Civic Society are delighted that the Council are planning to improve the facilities but have made some comments as can be seen from the letter below.





 We wish to have our comments on the above planning application recorded and considered.

 The Concept

 Kirktonhall Glen forms an outstanding linear park contributing much to the amenities of West Kilbride. 

The proposed upgrade of its sporting facilities should enhance this. However the submitted plans are silent on how this proposed development will link into the existing paths and open spaces of the Glen.

Thus given that NAC as owners of the Glen had discussions with the developers the wider needs of the village and the Glen needed to be clearly demonstrated in the submitted proposals


Health and Safety 

Health Safety and Welfare Regulations stress that whenever possible that pedestrian and vehicular traffic should be separated. Thus the use of the main pedestrian access to the Glen as a site access and then a car park access is not acceptable.

This requirement is further stressed by the presence of the existing Children’s’ play area whose safety will be compromised.


Practical Considerations

  1. The footpath shown as access is also the route of a defective drain that so far Scottish Water has refused to renew. Thus the path is subject to water scour and its bearing capacity greatly reduced.

  2. Use of the existing North Eastern access path by construction traffic and later vehicles using the proposed car park would severely affect what is acknowledged as the main pedestrian access to the Glen.

  3. Routing vehicular access either from the existing Car Park by the Kings Public House in the Main Street or the entrance to the “Extension” off Meadowfoot Road removes this conflict.

  4. Siting the proposed car park at the top of the EXTENSION or at the lower part of the FORMER Gas works site/ existing BMX site will allow better access to both the existing changing rooms and the proposed club house.

  5. A car park on the existing BMX site could be combined with the Car park proposed by the West Kilbride Development Group at the lower gas works site thus maximising available spaces.

  6. Such a car park would also allow easier access to the gas compound avoiding the existing convoluted turn onto Main Street via the archway Glen Entrance.

  7. There is a Gas pipe way leave from the gas compound under the now largely overgrown path along the hedge to the East of the existing grass football pitch. Access from a car park on the BMX site to the changing rooms/ clubhouse could preserve this.

  8. Siting a BMX Track on the slope between the proposed car park and the houses of Headrigg Road would make better use of the natural topography of the Glen and retain another useful kick about area.

  9. The Glen is subject to much surface water that comprises natural watercourses, seepage, runoff and drainage. These must be addressed in any planning submission.

  10. The architectural trees shown between the tennis courts and the football pitch and the MUGA are best eliminated. Root damage and leaf fall will greatly out weigh their benefits.


    Local knowledge

The area around the gas compound to the ford and footbridge is a hang out for the local youths/neds/hoodies and opening this area up to regular use and oversight would help to deter such use.

The existing children’s play area being readily visible from the public highway enhances security of the children using it.

There are a number of accesses to the Glen from adjacent housing schemes and these needs to be retained enhanced and upgraded to maximise the potential of the glen.

The recent planting of native trees immediately South of the MUGA will enhance the landscaping in the Glen without needing trees in the proposed sports development 


 The formal submission has taken place during the festive season. Thus many people are on holiday and not able to give this matter the attention it requires. This has been further compounded with conflicting cut off dates for comments i.e. the consultation letters state 7th Jan and the Public notice states 15th Jan.

During the evening of the 6th Jan documents suddenly became “unavailable” on email.

The Society has received reports that Planning Officers are stating that only emailed comments will be accepted.

The Society will require assurance that not only the letter of the law but its spirit on consultation is being observed.




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